Outstanding Performance

"Ashley's performance was outstanding. She received numerous praise from international partners for her rock solid management and development of quality products in short turn around times."

— J-F. D.

Well Organized

"Ashley was able to sift through the large amounts of information, focus only on what was pertinent, and develop relevant conclusions. She has a rigorous and well organized approach to her work."

— J. C-S.

"Ashley is able to tailor her approach to the target audience, and even more impressively, anticipate their questions and prepare responses in advance."

— J.O.


Quality Products

"Ashley consistently provides quality products that meet or exceed our expectations. She has a very analytical mind and organized way of working, and her products always reflect both of these strengths."

— K.dC.

Invaluable Contribution

"Ashley proved invaluable in her ability to synthesize free flowing discussion in a concrete form through the development of a policy position paper, which she updated regularly as the discussion evolved."

— J-F. D.